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Steckachse für Fahrradanhänger

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In cooperation with The Robert Axle Project we offer the Thru Axle for bicycle- trailer! The solution for bikers who have a bike with thru axle and who want to use one of our trailers!

With this 12mm Thru Axle, you can attach any of our Radical Design bicycle trailers (or a trailer of any other brand) to any bike with a rear 12mm thru axle.

The Thru Axles are designed for maximum strength and ease of use in attaching your trailer. The Thru Axle for bicycle has a stainless steel 10x1mm threaded stud to attach our hitch. Replace your stock axle with this Thru Axle for bicycle trailer, connect your hitch, then connect your bicyle trailer, and off you go!

Do you want to find out which size Thru axle you need? Check this document!

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